The Dean's Chair

The Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Dean’s Chair in the College of Sciences

Georgia Tech alumnus John Clark Sutherland (B.S. Physics 1962, M.S. Physics 1964, and Ph.D. Physics 1967) established the Betsy Middleton and John Clark Sutherland Dean’s Chair Endowment Fund (Sutherland Chair) to honor the memory of the late Betsy Middleton Sutherland. Betsy was a distinguished biologist who pioneered the study of radiation-induced DNA damage and repair. She was a major influence in John’s interest in biological physics. Betsy and John were frequent scientific collaborators for over four decades.

The Sutherland Chair is dedicated to the incumbent dean of the College of Sciences. The fund provides the incumbent dean additional resources to attract and retain eminent teacher-scholars, support high-risk research, and maintain high levels of achievement in, and commitment to, the sciences and mathematics. The infusion of capital broadens the College’s ability to enrich research, education, and service activities; recognize accomplishments of teacher-scholars and students; and spawn breakthrough advances through risky endeavors.

College of Sciences Dean Paul M. Goldbart is the inaugural Sutherland Chair. He is a theoretical physicist devoted to research and education in science and mathematics. He firmly believes that people with a strong education in science and mathematics are superbly positioned to find lifelong fulfillment, not only as flexible innovators and knowledge creators who will catalyze and implement advances for the betterment of society, but also through the sheer joy of engaging with the astonishing universe.

John Sutherland and Paul Goldbart
John Sutherland and Paul Goldbart. Courtesy Georgia Tech.